A Bump In The Road...

jb lexington bump in the road

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to lead by example and to teach your children about the many life lessons they will need to learn to be an all around good human being.  Be kind, be respectful, and always try your best are just a few.  I’ve been parenting for a lot of years now and I’ve met some wonderful people through my kid’s network whom I call great friends.  It’s natural to gravitate to like minded people with similar interests.  Of course you can’t agree on every moral or value but this offers great debates making friendships flourish.  Over the years I have also met many parents that I refer to as “hover parents.”  Are they bad people or negligent parents?  Absolutely not, they are quite the opposite in fact.  These parents are so worried that their children will get hurt or won’t be accepted that they interject themselves and hold their child’s hand through good times and bad.  Hence, unknowingly depriving them of the opportunity to self advocate and accept failure as a reality; skills that come in useful throughout life.  The philosophy I have always posed with my kids is that I have to let them experience and understand failure in order to truly appreciate success.  The sense of self pride and respect for the process you receive from personal accomplishments is beyond compare.

Recently I was confronted by my philosophy. I received an email from my publisher, Three Worlds Press stating that they regretfully had to make the difficult decision to close their business.  Forever Eve had only been available to the public for less than two weeks when I got the news.  I’m not gonna lie I wallowed for a few minutes in self pity and shed a couple of tears but then I sat up straight, wiped off my moist cheeks and got to work.  Although devastated for my own loss I sympathize with all the authors on the roster at Three Worlds Press that are now too, left without representation.  I am saddened for the publisher as well.  Entrepreneurs don’t start off with visions of failure, only grandeur realistic or otherwise. Through research and my own due diligence I’m aware of what a competitive and fickle business the publishing world can be. I know I have got my work cut out for me, essentially starting back at square one.  Going back to my preamble, this isn’t a failure per say but indeed part of my reality.  Every journey has proverbial obstacles and this is my bump in the road to overcome.  In the end I can unequivocally say that I will appreciate any success that finds it’s way to me.

Big JB hugs xo