A Woman's Worth


~ the end

How can two, three letter words evoke so much emotion? As I sat at my desk I knew finality was not an option. I had poured every ounce of my being into characters that I had fallen in love with. Or had I always been in love with them. Parts of all of them have touched my life in some way over the years. There is not one girl that hasn't at one point dreamed about having a Henry or a Charlie as a friend or lover. And me being a strong, confident woman I am proud that I personify a wonderful balance of Izabel and Natalie. What girl doesn't want a bit of a bad ass in her. I think every girl should have some bad ass in her. She should have a strong voice and be heard. She should be a feminist and still be feminine. You have the right to make your own rules on how you want to be seen and heard as a woman.

So it turns out this isn't "the end". Now I begin the daunting task of the dreaded query submissions to literary agents and publishers. Condensing 48,000 words down to 3,000 seemed impossible but I got it done. I have received a couple gracious declines "thank you for your submission, unfortunately we currently are not accepting works in the romance genre". Completely acceptable reply and I can spin it as positive feedback. Disappointing yes, but not heartbreaking. There is a process to becoming a published author and understandably there are many, many... many dues to pay before the ultimate reward.

I did however just recently receive an interesting response to a query submission. "Although an interesting premise, we prefer our heroines be fully available to start a relationship..." Valid point... yes. Fairytale ending-esq... yes. Some stories are built on fairytales and I appreciate that agent's feedback... truly. She didn't have to reply at all frankly. Forever Eve may have a glimpse, a glimmer of happily ever after but I needed to stay true to reality. Not every relationship begins with a damsel in distress looking for her prince charming. In real life women will get knocked down, figuratively and sometimes literally, a few times before realizing that a relationship with a man does not and will never definer her. A women's confidence in her worth and what she believes is her current relevance... and like I said before a little bad ass, is always what we should strive for.


A wise woman wishes to be no one's enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone's victim.
                                                                                         ~ Maya Angelou