He's Here.

Forever Eve JB Lexington

He’s Here... (well almost!)

Excitement.  Elation.  Frenzy.  Anxiousness.  These are just a few emotions that cause your brain to release a wonderful little natural drug called Dopamine.  Dopamine is related to experiences of pleasure and reward.   Your brain is a complex network, even though we think of emotions as an internal state, some psychologists define emotions as a combination of feelings, cognitions and actions.   This means emotions include not only how we feel but how we process and respond to those feelings.

You’re probably asking yourself...what the heck does all this jibber jabber have to do with the fact that Forever Eve will be released in less than 24 hours?  As I wrote my story I experienced extreme pleasure tapping away at my keyboard.  Letters became words and words became sentences.  The sentences became tangible visions.  With every pinky tap of the enter key I evolved with all my characters, propelling me into a temporary state of euphoria, that I wanted to return to over and over again.   At this very moment I am blissfully intoxicated by all of these emotions mentioned above and dozens more.  Sharing this story with the world hopefully means that others will manifest similar feelings as they turn from page to page.  Falling in love, feeling enraged heightened sexual senses.  Your new #bookboyfriend will take your imagination and desires to depths of your heart and your mind you didn’t realize you could reach.  Thus releasing a potent dose of Dopamine that will both pleasure and reward you...guaranteed ;)