I'm Published!


The journey was incredible... but damn, the destination does Rock!

September 2nd will be a day that I'll celebrate every year acknowledging a wonderful accomplishment in my life. I'M PUBLISHED! Yay!  

Six months ago I met this girl named Nikki in a coffee shop to talk to her about this book I wrote and the possibility of her helping me create a social media presence to get my name out there.  Fast forward to today and not only can I call Nikki my PR maven, I can call her my friend.

Awe that was an affable interlude... now back to the good stuff. Love ya Nik.

I'M PUBLISHED!  I'm not yelling I'm just very excited - elated actually.  The magnitude of what’s to come saying those words took a few days to sink in, but now that they have my wheels are turning with how I want my “baby” to be received.  I can’t control or contrive a fan base but I have always been savvy when it comes to how I represent myself and how I would like to be perceived.  I have a good feeling about THIS, it helps that I have a great team behind me, or are they in front of me? 

Twitter is an amazing forum for writers to showcase their work. The indie author community is supportive, helpful and extremely encouraging. More than often writers and agents host either a #pitchwars or #pitmad giving a writer the opportunity they may not have with the conventional submission protocol, to have their story heard. This is exactly how it happened for me.

Three Worlds Press requested my manuscript based on a 140 character teaser - A chance encounter with a stranger that has shared her life for decades turns out to be the chaos that Izabel has craved all along - and 48 hours later I was offered a contract.  Thus beginning what I expect will be a prolific author/publisher friendship. 

Reading a rejection email from an agent or publisher isn't easy (and trust me I have read my fair share over the past six months) even with a realistic, positive outlook for the process. You have to approach the process with respect patience and due diligence.  Write, read, follow, like...stay involved. Stay relevant. Not everyone is going to like what you write and that's ok. If I may quote the great Dr Suess:

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

You owe it to yourself and to your readers to be honest and stay true to who you are. Why write otherwise. Throw your fears and fantasies into your characters. Say what you would never say out loud. Let the voices in your head come to life.

You will find the perfect home for your story when it's time for your story to be heard.

Don't ever give up!

With Love,