The Editing Process

The Editing Process

All the things I get to say now that I'm a published author:
“My editor said...”
“I can't make it this weekend. I have a deadline”
“Wow look at all the red slashes on my pages...was someone just murdered”
“I hate dialogue tags now too”
“You rock Missy”

Like many 30+ (Shit! I'm in the check 40+ box now) I religiously watched every episode of "Sex and the City".  Groups of woman all over North America and probably beyond have a designated Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. Coincidentally I have always been the Carrie of my group.  Not because I was a writer, because I was that small town girl that escaped to the big city the second I was old enough.  I am the fashionista that has explored every corner of my City and have done it in 4” heels.  Although I’ve never had a Russian lover, I do indeed have my Mr. Big :)

I digress… back to the editing.  On many occasions during the editing process of “Forever Eve” I had thoughts of scrapping my entire manuscript.
“I’m a hack”
“I’m a terrible writer”
“What was I thinking?”

This was my internal self deprecating dialogue.  Is this part of the process a necessary evil?  I say “yes it is”.  Self doubt, even in the most confident person, exists.  It’s required to keep you humble. To keep you motivated.  Your manuscript truly is your baby.  You create it, you nurture it, you scold it, and you love it.

Establishing a great relationship with your editor is so very important.  You need your editor to understand what those words mean to you.  At what point you were laughing or crying.  Or that sentence when you wanted to reach through your computer screen and strangle that one character’s neck.  If you try to self edit along the way, chances are you will lose your groove, the truest form of how your story should be told.  Don’t worry about the content or the grammar.  Your editor is there to help you, after your brain has vomited even the worst of scenes onto the page. I’ve said it before; you owe it to your readers and to you, to deliver the most, raw organic version of your story. Why write otherwise.

My Editor Missy @3WorldsProd, yeah, she’s like my new BFF (insert valley girl gum smacking voice).  I send her emails written in the same tone and context as I would all my girlfriends.  If I deviate from that, how will she know who I am? When you let your editor into your brain and into your heart, it will make her/his job much easier, giving you the Magnum Opus you deserve.

BIG JB Hugs! xo