Your Next Book Boyfriend…

book boyfriend jb lexington

Is he tall, dark and handsome?

Is he blonde, blue eyes and muscular?

Is he a bad-boy or your prince charming? Keep in mind that he can be both.

Is he mysterious, salacious, gigantic? ;)… The list of adjectives goes on and on.  He can be someone you’ve fantasized about.  You’re perfect lover. He can make soft tender love to you or he can tie you up and dominate you. The man that makes you cross your legs at the knees then makes your toes curl. 

Does he ignite your wild side and make you tingle down in the deepest part of your lady bits?  Maybe you caught a glimpse of him in line at the grocery store or he’s the heart throb movie star. 

Bottom line is he can be whom ever you want him to be.  This is the magic behind reading.  An author’s objective is to give you enough description of this character to paint a picture but keep it generic enough for you to create your perfect man.  Reading is your escape from reality and so it should be.  We live our life, over scheduled, over thinking and over analyzing our day to day, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break and slipping into your page turning alternate life.  Without delving into the psychology behind women and sex and what society deems acceptable, we as women should not feel ashamed to read a genre that allows us to feel confident about our sexuality.  We should celebrate it, it’s healthy actually.  If you read an erotic passage that makes you want to tear off your partner's clothes and do a little experimenting then, that to me sounds like a win-win for all parties involved.

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