Natalie Spencer

Natalie Spencer…the tall, dark unconventional beauty.  She is naturally slim with ridiculous curves in all the right places.  The kind of woman who could make a garbage bag look trendy.  She keeps her short dark brown hair a perfect rock-n-roll mess on top of her head.  Anytime of the day or night, that hair is ready to party.  Nothing makes her happier than booze, blow, boys and boobs.  She’s so carefree and parties hard.  Probably too hard and she has no concerns about what society thinks of her.  Natalie makes no apologies for her chosen lifestyle.  She is openly bi-sexual “love is love regardless of what’s going on below the belt” she says.  I secretly admire her but I’d never tell her that…it would just encourage her.  And who am I?  I’m Izabel.

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Forever Eve Natalie